Le Manoir

  • Josh Simmons (United States)
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  • Adventure
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  • Fantasy
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  • Horror
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It was on a bright day of truancy, in the depths of a dark century-old forest, that three teenagers discovered THE MANSION.

A dilapidated hotel ? Abandoned sanatorium ?
This ignorance is going to put the three heroes on the exploration road, attracted by a thick mystery…

Courage, unconsciousness, defiance, stupidity, you need a tremendous amount of all these to ignore the multiple threats of such an adventure.
The three teenagers shall learn that at their expense.

What happened to those courageous unconscious people ? Are they still alive ?
It is up to you, dear reader, to know their terrible story.

80 pages

Black and white

16.50 x 21.50 cm


ISBN : 978-2955261040

10.00 €