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18 rue Geoffroy Drouet 44000 Nantes

Vide Cocagne is a non-profit publishing house that was founded in 2003 by Thierry Bedouet and Fabien Grolleau. They started with two fanzines: Quartier and Soudain !.
Since then, we have focused on different series: Alimentation Générale (humour), Soudain (contemporary stories) and, more recently, Grand Souk (children’s books) and Quixote (republication). We have also published several stand-alone books that are not part of any specific series.
Vide Cocagne aims to take a very open-minded editorial line, with a strong emphasis on story-telling, humour, and occasionally a more socially-committed slant.

Editor : Mariane Palermo / mariane@videcocagne.fr /

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