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Never invite Noyau over: once in your house, he won’t say a word, but he’ll watch your every move with an eye as unperturbed as it is piercing. And once he’s home, he’ll whip out his best gouache, arm himself with a well-worn brush, and paint a portrait of you as beautiful (in style) as it is biting (in substance).
We see as much in this book consisting of a gallery of portraits, each on its own two-page spread. Take for instance, the portrait of Melvin, determined to do without everything—except his parents’ financial support. Or Nino, the bearded hipster for whom espresso is such a labor of love that he never finishes before happy hour. Or Odile, who won’t share her conspiracy theories with her son—for how can she be sure he’s not an alien?
Noyau can be nasty, like his book, unforgiving of this sad world and the people in it, far from politically correct, and quite possibly even completely off his rocker, but this much is certain: reading him hurts so good.

128 pages

Full color

15.50 x 25.50 cm


ISBN : 978-2-88923-099-0

19.00 €