The Syndicat des Éditeurs Alternatifs

The S.E.A (Syndicat des Éditeurs Alternatifs/Alternative Publishers’ Union) is made up of 51 French-language publishers and was founded in January 2014. The publishers in the S.E.A focus primarily on highlighting original work. Their editorial choices are not governed by marketing strategies or exploiting subsidiary rights. S.E.A publishers work in close collaboration with their authors. 

They always respect their rights and those of their work. S.E.A publishers choose to offer readers original, unique books and avoid over-commercialisation. They strive to constantly push literary and visual boundaries, while stimulating the development and sharing of ideas. 

In this website, you will discover all the S.E.A publishers and, in April 2021, a selection of titles from their catalogues.

Catalogues overview