• Karine Bernadou (France)

Alone in her home, far too big, Azolla spends dark hours; her soulmate is gone and the waiting is long, too long… Forgotten, Azolla, abandoned, or worse? What can she do when hope slowly fades away and sinister dreams invade her nights? Divide or multiply, or like an irrepressible hunger that has become a woman, transform herself into a man-eater? Karine Bernadou plunges us in an openly fantastic universe, a universe where dreams and reality collide and mix constantly, a world whose ins and outs are more open to interpretations than to explications. Although wordless, the book can be read with a crazy intensity, thanks to the impressing work of Karine Bernadou – a watercolor work, not only incredibly efficient in its narration, but a subjugating formal research and beauty… Four years after Canopée and a detour at Professeur cyclope – where her series Hysteria allowed her to reach a new audience – Karine Bernadou comes back with Azolla a beautiful, raw, violent and ambitious book.

120 pages

Full color

21.00 x 28.00 cm