Batailles (Battles)

  • Sophie Guerrive (France)
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The art of the french artist Sophie Guerrive is made of precise drawings, full of details, that the readers can explore endlessly.

This object is the result of the crazy idea to show the entire history of the Earth, from the beginning to the end.

On a six meters long panorama, we see the arrival of aliens, giving birth on the planet to a strange experiment : the human being.

The world is quickly filled by these creatures who build civilisations, monuments, and more than anything else, fight against each other…

A way of travelling through centuries in one look.

The leporello is shown in a special envelope.

1 pages

Two colors

600.00 x 25.00 cm

This object measures 27 x 27 cm for the enveloppe, containing a 25 cm x 6 m leporello, in black and orange direct tone

ISBN : 978-2-919347-27-8

20.00 €