• Frederik Peeters (Switzerland)
  • Pierre-Oscar Lévy (France)

Thirteen people find themselves trapped on a beahc, their destinies upended by an inconceivable event, a fracturing in reality that sends them headlong into an abyss of questions. Faced with this extraordinary incident, they go trough an all-too-human phase of tense and contentious denial, followed by a period of acceptance, when true colors are revealed and the hand that’s been dealt must be played. For time is short… Faced with a fate that slips relentlessly away like sand through one’s fingers, each of the thirteen people will respond in their own way. But how? What to do, when a sunset might be the last thing tey’ll ever see?

An open-air locked-room mystery, a mordant and disturbing social fable, a full and complex story where what happens is more important than how it turns out, Sandcastle walks a tightrope for its hundred pages between darkness and humanism, resulting in a cruel, captivating modern fairytale.


Prix Töppfer 2010

104 pages

Black and white

22.30 x 29.60 cm

M. Night Shyamalan, the director of The sixth sense and Split, was inspired by Sandcastle by Frederik Peeters and Pierre-Oscar Lévy for his latest movie Old. To celebrate this, Atrabile published a hardcover book with a new design.