• Baladi (Switzerland)
  • Adeline Rosenstein (Switzerland)

Décris-Ravage is first and foremost a play by Adeline Rosenstein, a play that is part of the documentary theater movement. This play is about Palestine, and deals with the relationship between the West and the Middle-East (going back to Napoléon Bonaparte), but also with the representation of this region and the stakes involved with it. To tell this story, historical testimonies and texts are used to understand “how we got to that situation”. Baladi adapted the text of the play into a comic, by using the same sources that Adeline Rosenstein used to write the play. In this first episode (out of six in total) artists’ words, texts by Arab authors and descriptions of the Egyptian campaign of 1798 follow one another. Dense, enlightening and fascinating, this Décris-Ravage is a book like no other, both in the bibliography and the current landscape of comics, an attempt to reflect on the subject that multiplies sources and forgotten points of views.

72 pages

Black and white

22.00 x 29.00 cm

Softcover with flaps