En coulisse

  • Pierre Wazem (Switzerland)

From Lausanne to Venice, via Delémont, Lucerne and Soleure, Pierre Wazem visited many festivals in these cities and brought back a serie of strips made in situ, strips that Atrabile now collects in an Italian-style format. Acting like a reporter, but never quite in the right place, with a changing interest, a sharp eye and a taste for dark humor, Wazem has an interest for anything and everything, digressing, making things up, and occasionally revealing some of the best kept secrets on festivals. Interrupted in his trips by you-know-what, Wazem offers us a “covid interlude” since the author suffered from the disease in its long and resurgent version – which did not make him lose his humor. On the menu: shocking revelations, many cameos, a few embarrassing situations, a little irony, a pinch of absurdity and a simply irresistible humor.

64 pages

b&w and color

18.00 x 14.00 cm

Softcover with flaps