• Juliette Mancini (France)
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Growing up. Facing down other people, early disappointments, how people see you, the world’s expectations. Also, making discoveries. Realizations. Coming to understand yourself, confiding in others. Becoming a person.
In glimpses and snatches, Juliette Mancini tells us about herself, but also about the world where she grew up. The myth of her manly grandfather, who fought in the war; her first encounter with sexist clichés (boys are strong, girls graceful); the first time a stranger goosed her in a crowd—the fear and shame, but also how it felt to find out you could be desirable.
By picking and choosing moments that were milestones, or at least turning points, and deftly deconstructing them, Juliette Mancini manages all too rare a feat: turning the specific into the universal.
With discretion, sensitivity, intelligence, and just the right amount of distance, she takes us from childhood to adulthood, from believing in received wisdoms to dismantling myths, the better to dissect the unwritten rules of a society too eager to label us all.
As with her previous book, Mancini displays the same insightful analysis of power in relationships. By showing how the way other people see us can be flattering, prying, or degrading by turns, she reminds us that paradox and contradiction are at the very heart of being human, perhaps the richest part.
Mancini has created a powerful work, an openly political book that goes beyond speaking truth to encourage reflection.

128 pages

Full color

17.00 x 24.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 978-2-88923-097-6

18.00 €