Feya (t.1)

  • Marc Lataste (France)
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  • Kids
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  • Sci-fi
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  • Adventure

Strange creatures live in a lush, timeless forest. There’s a hairy magician, a little ghost who loves food, and a fox who hunts mushrooms. There are no human beings to disturb this funny, zany world because they have all disappeared. One day, the creatures discover a secret underground laboratory where a young human, Feya, is hibernating. Her untimely awakening causes other sleeping creatures to emerge: a magical sect, giant robots, a malevolent computer, and a spy wearing a lion’s mask, all of whom want to get their hands on the last survivor of our extin-guished race. And so, a great adventure begins !

192 pages

Black and white

15.00 x 21.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 979-10-90425-90-3

14.00 €