Francesca Murphy!

Francesca Murphy! Thomas Gosselin of it is the new book, in which portrait it draws up the of a writer aspiring science fiction, parasitized a novelistic biography by its projects (temporal travel, parallel dimensions, etc. flying cars, experimental scatology,) that and all, mess the told in. yes Eh.

“If someone shouts my name “Francesca Murphy!” it’s under the surprise that my whole life lives off my novelistic projects: time travel, parallel dimensions, spiritual deviations, stupid machnies, gigantism and apocalypses, according to ridiculous or decisive elements. My autobiography is a mess and I, Francesca, thanks to my vision into the other world, I know no center, I sway between fake memories and proud projections, everytime I see my reflection in a mirror or a window, in search of my love, my anger, my boredom, my betrayal and the glory that never arrives, but that keeps me on the edge of my seat.”


104 pages

Full color

19.80 x 26.80 cm

Softcover with flaps