Hyper Loto Espace

  • Arnaud Rouesnel (France)
  • Matis Monvoisin (France)

Welcome to Gräkzörk! Here, weapons are required, nature hostile, murderers many, and danger everywhere. On this planet full of surprises lands an agent of the Cosmic Lottery, with a seemingly simple mission: award the Super Lotto’s winner a suitcase containing their winnings of 100 million credits. But of course, nothing goes as planned…
Matis Monvoisin and Arnaud Rouesnel beautifully, nimbly have their way with science fiction staples—giant robots, monstrous creatures, interstellar travel, apocalyptic prophecies—building a world as coherent as it is crazy, in a headlong tale full of mischief. Far more than a mere parody, Hyperspace Lotto seduces not only with its caustic humor but its aesthetics, deploying an array of techniques (acrylics, pencils, felt-tip pens) as well as storylines, and displaying an obvious desire on the creators’ part to fully plumb the potential of comics as a medium.


128 pages

Full color

21.60 x 30.00 cm


ISBN : 978-2-88923-123-2

25.00 €