La conquête de Mars

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On the 5th July 2009, the Vespucci lands on Mars. Representatives from each continent are on board. They all won a record-breaking international game show contest. Makélélé Chow, from China, has the honour of being the first man to set foot on Mars. As this historic moment is taking place, the rocket suddenly blows up. Humanity is petrified: opposite Makélélé Chow, in a red spacesuit, stands Adolph Hitler!

A Science-Fiction saga that spans time, space and celebrities such as Wenher von Braun, Stanley Kubrick, Neil Armstrong, Léni Riefenstahl and Makélélé Chow, this book asks the million-dollar question : do descendants of the Nazis also become Nazis? The authors of A Little history of the French Colonies leave historical popu- larisation aside in favour of a sci-fi epic that holds a mirror up to our manipula- tive, war-hungry world.

200 pages

Two colors

22.00 x 15.50 cm


ISBN : 978-2-35761-097-2

9.00 €