La Fin de juillet

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Late July, a small Polish village. Alek, spending summer break with his bitter and unpleasant maternal grandmother, is bored. There’s nothing to do besides hang out with his pals and his dogs.

Now and then, his mother Monika comes to visit. She works a lot and doesn’t have much free time, but tries her best, and somehow puts up with her mother’s bad moods. One night, Monika decides to pay a call on Alek’s father, Marcin, who lives in the village and has almost never seen his son. He promises to go see Alek.

Late July is suffused with the atmosphere of a village near Warsaw where Rostocka’s grandfather lived. Soon it will no longer be the countryside; the city will have swallowed it. Old and new rub shoulders here: nostalgia for the past, optimism for the future, and the strange feeling of living in a world where everything is mixed up.

Rostocka’s gentle gouaches bring to life a subtle story about adolescence, family, dreams, and what holds them back—a finely drawn portrait of a boy growing up in a forgotten place.

L’édition polonaise a reçu le prix  de la meilleure BD polonaise de l’année au festival BD de Lódz en 2020.

128 pages

Full color

17.00 x 24.00 cm


ISBN : 978-2-35761-301-0

20.00 €

Sold rights: Poland