La Guerre d’Alan

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When Emmanuel Guibert met Alan Ingram Cope on the Island of Ré, he had no idea how many years he would devote to this extraordinary and humble man, who like many young Americans, was enlisted in the army and crossed Europe to fight in the war.

“When I was eighteen, Uncle Sam told me he’d like me to put on a uniform and go off to fight a guy by the name of Adolf. So I did.”

Guibert patiently recorded Alan telling him about his journey, his life as a soldier, and the side effects of the war, far from the violence of the combats. This graphic memoir is the story of his life during wartime, a story told with poignant intimacy and matchless artistry.

Across a generation, a deep friendship blossomed between Alan Cope and author/artist Emmanuel Guibert. From it, Alan’s War was born – a graphic novel that is a deeply personal and moving experience, straight from the heart of the Greatest Generation – a unique piece of WWII literature and a ground-breaking graphic memoir.

328 pages

Black and white

16.50 x 24.50 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 9782844144508

28.00 €

Sold rights: China, Brazil, Germany, Czechia, Spain, Hong Kong SAR China, Russia, Italy, Slovenia, South Korea, Netherlands, Japan