The Ski House

  • Charlotte Lemaire (France)
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  • Adventure
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  • Illustration
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  • Kids

The orchard is very quiet in the Autumn, and Barnaby has an idea. He is very good at building things, so he makes a house on a pair of skis. Winter comes, along with the snow, so Barnaby decides to go on an adventure with his friend Robin the Caterpillar… without leaving their moving home! On board their ski-house, they glide through the mountains and come across all kinds of interesting things and curious creatures, without really knowing when it will be time to head home!

The Ski-House is a story for homebirds and adventurers alike. Charlotte Lemaire takes the reader on a long journey though her shimmering illustrations, while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

40 pages

Full color

19.60 x 26.80 cm


ISBN : 978-2-37962-026-3

14.00 €

Sold rights: Taiwan