La Mécanique du Sage

  • Gabrielle Piquet (France)
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  • Humor

Edinburgh, early 20th century. Charles Hamilton possesses everything a man could desire: financial comfort that keeps him from want, days and nights that keep him occupied. And yet, a victim of mood swings high and low, Charles feels off-balance. Let down in love, he is a father to young Sophia, but fails to find in parenting a solution to the existential emptiness that haunts him. What he needs is someone who will live in his backyard—a guru, a wise man—and set an example.
Inspired by the (true) story of Charles Hamilton and his “ornamental hermit,” Gabrielle Piquet targets some very modern afflictions—the endless pursuit of well-being, fanatical optimism—urging us to question the tyranny of happiness that seeks to smooth out all of life’s rough patches: as if life could, indeed should, be nothing but merriment and bliss.
“Gabrielle Piquet delights in dissecting a contemporary disorder—the pursuit of happiness—with dry wit, retro art, and literary flair.” ~ Aude Lavigne, France Culture
“Buoyed by delicate, incredibly expressive art, A Clockwork Sage details without pathos the introspections of a man both dejected and determined. His daughter’s presence only adds to the skill of the plot and charm of a book that will leave a smile on your face.” ~ Thierry Lemaire


Audacity Award  at Angoulême Festival 2021

96 pages

One color

21.00 x 27.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 978-2-88923-087-7

15.00 €