Zazar’s Voice

Deep in the heart of space cruiser Bron-825, Carol wakes up desperately alone, full of fear and dread. Where’s the rest of the crew—especially his wife, Sonia? To ward off loneliness, since he’s seriously starting to lose it, Carol starts talking to Frank—or at least his frozen corpse, found in a medical fridge onboard. Frank is nice as corpses go, and turns out useful as a food sources for the increasingly tormented Carol, caught up in a slow but irreversible transformation while awaiting the possibility of rescue.
Zazar’s Voice is the kind of science fiction that takes you by surprise, cleverly blending suspense, horror, and off-the-wall humor, shifting tones with great flair. Geoffroy Monde is in masterful control every step of the way as he nimbly revisits a major fantastical myth while plunging readers intimately into the strayings of a disturbed, schizophrenic mind against a futuristic backdrop that combines elements both familiar and unusual. Funny, well-paced, deft, relentlessly inventive, and quite simply, a thrilling read from cover to cover.

248 pages

Full color

17.00 x 24.00 cm


ISBN : 978-2-88923-122-5

26.00 €