L’Ascension du Haut Mal

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The High Evil is the term for epilepsy in the Middle Ages.
The Rise of the High Evil [Epileptic, in English] is the story of a family in the mid-sixties whose eldest son, Jean-Christophe, is afflicted by this disease at the age of seven.

Epileptic is David B’s story of his brother’s battle with epilepsy. It turns also into a penetrating and sometimes lacerating self-examination on the author’s part, as he delves into his own complex emotions and his family’s troubled history, as well as his own youthful fantasy life.

Particularly pointed is his description of the family journey from one attempted cure to another, including acupuncture, spiritualism and macrobiotics. David B.’s drawing is utterly extraordinary, balancing literal representation and expressionist psychological distortion.

384 pages

Black and white

ISBN : 9782844145918

37.00 €

Sold rights: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Brazil, Canada, China, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, Japan, South Korea