The Guardians of the attic

  • Oriane Lassus (France)
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When Plecota, the little bat, loses her family, some friendly shrews take her in, followed by the humans living in her old house. But a new road for big lorries is being built, threatening to take her new-found haven away! Far from her family, and despite her small size, Plecota will have to fight hard and find comfort in those around her.

The world seen through a little bat’s eyes, both funny and sensitive at once, by Oriane Lassus. Facts about animals are subtly incorporated into the book, as the reader learns from one page to the next about creatures in the countryside. Different kinds of animals and even humans unite to defend the same cause. A surprising story of solidarity, despite their differences. The Guardians of the Attic is a crazy and colourful adventure, interwoven with environmental questions.

Sélection Jeunesse du Festival d’Angoulême

56 pages

Full color

21.00 x 28.00 cm


ISBN : 978-2-37962-022-5

15.00 €