Les petits boloss

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Just how high did the Elvis “The King” Presley get before his fall? Would Spider-Man make a good trapeze artist? What will Paris look like in 2050? Would Lucky Luke still look like a cowboy if he wore a super-tight suit? Are you into contemporary art, sex, trance states, animal rights, mutilation?
In the same vein as Panier de Singe and Safari Monseigneur, Les petits boloss collects work that joyously showcases the creativity and crude humor of Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot. High-speed chases, photo sessions, fake making-of documentaries about actual performances: the duo shine a light on the trivialities of the most outlandish situations, and play with the nature of their characters as drawings, presenting them as anamorphic renderings, coloring books, board games, phenakistiscopes, and more.

“Coming from contemporary art as they do, Ruppert & Mulot have delighted in turning comics into happenings and strips a few pages long into pure illustration. Readers can now find these in this tongue-in-cheek collection of shorter works along with subversions of Elvis Presley and Spiderman, and portait sessions that verge on orgies…” ~ Les Inrocks

“With Les Petits boloss, the duo continues to explore the dark side of our postmodern era: dangerous objects, toxic situations, the yen for domination… A feast.” ~ Eric Aeschimann, L’Obs.

184 pages

16.50 x 24.50 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 9782844147806

23.00 €