Les Poupées sanglantes

  • Benoît Preteseille (France)
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  • Fantasy
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  • Adaptations

A deformed man who spies on his beautiful neighbor, relieving his urges on the assorted parts of a mannequin; the surgeon husband of said neighbor, who breathes life into an inanimate object, creating a new man from scratch; an ageless creature who literally switches skins; a woman who refashions her physique to look more like a self-portrait she drew as a child—these are some of the characters you’ll meet in Bloodstained Dolls, an astounding ensemble piece with multiple narrators who erratically intersect, adrift in a clearly fantastical, faintly retro atmosphere as reminiscent of Frankenstein as of Surrealism. Freely inspired by the work of Gaston Leroux, Bloodstained Dolls pulls out all the stops in pondering creation and the power of art. It toys with our readerly expectations, brilliantly scrutinizing the thin line between fantasy and reality, and what happens when one invades the other.

128 pages

Two colors

17.00 x 24.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 978-2-88923-090-7

18.00 €