• Louise Aleksiejew (France)

Rita must face facts: someone else is living in her apartment. But Mauk isn’t easy to find. Its vague shape, talent for hiding and silence make it a rather retiring creature. Relations between the stubborn parasite and the young and the young architect slowly but surely evolve once they come to realize what they have in common, rather than dwelling on their differences. Coupling an undeniable sense of pacing and gift for storytelling with curvy, full-bodied shapes and caustic colors, Louise Aleksiejew delivers a bittersweet comedy in the guise of a meditation on loneliness, friendship and the power of ou dreams – those that haunt our nights but also those that light our way forward, farther from compromises and closer to our true aspirations.

Born in 1984 in Caen, Louise Aleksiejew is a visual artist, theorist, and comics creator. Her work has appeared in Ink Brick (2015,2016), Kuš! (2017), Francette (une autre image, 2018), and Gros Gris (2019). Mauk is her first full-length graphic novel. Louise Aleksiejew lives and works in Saint-Ouen.

184 pages

Full color

17.00 x 24.00 cm

Softcover with flaps