Pilules bleues

  • Frederik Peeters (Switzerland)

Pilules bleues was first published in November 2001. Without any publicity, the book found its readers, first thanks to the work of booksellers, then to the press… 20 years later Pilules bleues sold nearly 60’000 copies, was translated into a dozen of languages, is courted by the cinema and its author, Frederik Peeters, is no longer a stranger. Pilules bleues is now considered a must-read, and it has found an audience far beyond the world of comics. Since the perception of the disease and its treatment evolved, since the “characters” are still here but also changed, it seemed interesting to make an update a few years later. This promise will be kept in the new edition of Pilules bleues, with a hardback, slightly remastered, and most importantly the addition of 10 more pages, allowing to set some things straight and to let this beautiful “story” to continue for a little while… For the record: through a simple story and common themes (love, death), Frederik Peeters tells us the story of his meeting with Cati, living with this cursed virus that is going to change everything, and all the contradictory emotions he’ll have to handle: compassion, pity, or just pure and unalterable love? Without pathos or sensationalism, Pilules bleues offers us a rarely seen look at the daily life of the disease, while at the same time throwing in some surprising and well-felt truths on the subject. Despite the seriousness of the theme, Pilules bleues is a fresh work filled with humor.

Prix Töpffer Geneva 2001

208 pages

Black and white

17.50 x 24.50 cm