Précis dermo-pictural

  • Aurélien Vallade (France)
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The french tattooist Aurélien Vallade unveils here more of 400 tattoo drawings that he invented.

Relentlessly, in his small shop in the south west of France, he makes surprising (and sometimes funny) variations of traditional patterns, in his own rough but elegant style.

His inspiration runs towards very different topics : all kind of animals (including oysters), prehistoric ages, flowers, weapons, tools, ships, portraits of popular culture idols…

A precious insight into the living workshop of the french art of tattoo.

160 pages

19.00 x 27.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

The paper we chose was thin, only the 80 right pages are printed.

ISBN : 978-2-919347-24-7

20.00 €