• Frederik Peeters (Switzerland)

Frederik Peeters is an elusive animal, never where one expects him to be, as his career proves it, and Saccage demonstrates it once again. Saccage, is a work that defies any definition or classification: between a picture book and a comic book, Saccage depicts a tormented wandering, one of a man (a prophet? a herald of the apocalypse?) who travels through a chaotic, insane, bizarre world, where the madness – and the story – of mankind seem to collide and mix to form a magma filled with phantasmagorical visions, juxtaposing echoes of an all too terrestrial hell, references, a vision of the future. Anticipation tale, hallucinated allegory, Saccage reads like a graphic poem in the shape of a bitter assessment, and presents a world in decline, staggering like a massacre, frightening like a nightmare – but Saccage is much more than a visual delirium, a true punch in the face, incredibly inhabited by an artist at the top of his art. Frederik Peeters’ drawings without text (although not “silent”) give us more to read than many novels or essays. In a bibliography where change and renewal are almost rules, Saccage goes even further, and this unique book, an incandescent and tortured jewel, will leave a mark in the mind of any reader who dares to venture into it.

Delémont BD 2019, price of the best swiss album

96 pages

Full color

30.00 x 22.50 cm