Saison des Roses

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The women’s soccer team of Rosigny-sur-Seine is doing well and gets a chance to participate in the national championship where players could be recruited by a coach for the big leagues. But due to budget restraints, the club’s manager takes them out of the championship so she can keep the men’s team going. This graphic novel relates the frustrations of the team and their captain, Barbara—close as sisters—as they struggle to secure funding and recognition.

Wary’s bright colours and expressive, energetic style bring the fight for women’s lib to a suburban soccer field. Taking inspiration from her own experience and involvement with a women’s soccer team, she subjects society and the status of women to unsparing examination, spotlighting the injustice faced by female players in a male-dominated sport.

“The author depicts teenage girls facing everyday sexism in order to portray female emancipation, sisterhood, and coming of age.” ~ Vanity Fair

“A graphic novel full of energy and color, a million miles away from the clichés associated with femininity and suburban life, inspired by the 23-year-old creator’s own experiences. Unique and promising.” ~ Télérama

240 pages

Full color

17.00 x 24.00 cm


ISBN : 978-2-35761-176-4

23.00 €

Sold rights: South Korea, Portugal, Sweden, Spain