A Night Outing

  • Laurie Agusti (France)
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  • Illustration
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  • Kids

Imago the butterfly seems to have woken up a bit too early. He was just looking for something to eat, but he is swept up in the wild dance of nocturnal insects. Imago is terrified of this unfamiliar world and all the lights, but luckily, he makes friends along the way. Night-time is scary, but it is also beautiful!

A Night Outing is an ode to adventure, open-mindedness, curiosity and discovery. Through her neat and precise drawings, reminiscent of Bruno Munari and Iela and Enzo Mari, Laurie Augusti conveys Imago’s feelings in this mysterious world with great accuracy. Smooth lines, bold colours, bright lights… Flutter into the night and share in Imago’s wonder.  

40 pages

Full color

24.50 x 24.50 cm


CYK + 2 Pantone

ISBN : 978-2-37962-015-7

15.00 €