The Big Empty

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“Manel Naher?! B-but… that’s me!”
Who is this other Manel Naher, the one on the front page of all the newspapers? She’s overshadowing the real Manel Naher, the heroine of this story!

Doesn’t she realize she’s endangering the real Manel Naher with all her success? I mean, if everyone starts thinking about this famous Manel Naher instead of the Manel Naher who spends her days curled up in a corner of a bookshop, well… people might wind up forgetting about Manel. And in this world, if you get forgotten, you die. It’s that simple.

Thinking about someone gives them Presence. Everywhere you look in this world, there are thousands of names on display, and beggars ask only a second of your attention… For some, it’s about becoming Immortal; for others, it’s just about survival. Presence makes this sprawling City go ‘round. Manel would gladly turn her back on all that, but faraway, beyond the skyscrapers, lies only the Big Empty, from whose bourne no traveler has ever returned…

Léa Murawiec puts her virtuoso art in the service of a rich and luminous story with a bubbly pace. Her masterful talents light up this thrilling début, and gladly unto this Big Empty we go!

Part of the Official Selection 2022 of Angouleme Festival

Part of the Fauve des Lycéens Selection 2022 of Angouleme Festival

204 pages

24.00 x 30.70 cm


ISBN : 978-2-901000-70-9

25.00 €

Sold rights: Germany, France