Total Resistance

  • Helge Reumann (Switzerland)

Total resistance!

If you don’t mind wordless comics; if you have an eye for the beauty of rigorously deployed black and white or a retro palette; if absurd humor gets you off; if you dream, now and then, of settling your problems by hitting people with shoes; if the world sometimes seems like a difficult, despairing place; if reality makes you sad; if irrationality is your bag,; if high-mindedness exasperates you; if axes, baseball bats, and nail-studded clubs seem like a good way to express yourself… then Total Resistance is for you!

Total Resistance presents twenty-some short comics published in high-flying periodicals (like Strapazin and Kramers Ergot). Several of them have been colorized for this republication, to help readers appreciate the amazing H. Reumann’s mastery and visual originality.

128 pages

Full color

24.50 x 33.00 cm