By Johann Le Berre

During a return to his origins, the musician Ivan Akimov, who had fled the country during the Prague Spring, rediscovers the richness of the Roma culture in the slums of Slovakia. He had made a career in the Russian cabarets of Paris and was struck by the talent of the young Roma. He struggles to create “Kesaj Tchavé” Ivan will realize with them a crazy dream: to bring these children on the international stages. An adventure full of twists and turns, as colorful as the drawing of Johann Le Berre, which takes up with freshness the story of Ivan Akimov.

Tchave means children in Romani and Kesaj is a fairy who says that in order to receive love, one must know how to give it. This company embodies this beautiful principle of brotherhood between men.


208 pages

Full color

17.00 x 24.00 cm


Accompagné d’un CD

ISBN : 9782913308541

25.00 €