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“And the lion will lie down with the lamb, but the lamb won’t get much sleep.” ~ Woody Allen.

Tulip the Bear, leaning back against his tree, watches his companions bustle about in vain: Crocus the Snake combats his anxiety by staying busy every minute, Violet the Bird is looking for a way to contact her lover the Sun, and the Stone despairs of being nothing but a stone. What’s life but a bag chock full of wee troubles and huge annoyances? But as Crocus once put it so well: pause for crêpes every now and then, and you’ll get by. In this fable full of tenderness, the great existential questions take shape—in fact, they take on feathers, fur, and scales! The hyperactive Crocus, Mimosa the shy mole, and Tulip the stoic Bear live out impossible loves, aspiring to fulfillment in life. In the tradition of Peanuts and Mafalda, Sophie Guerrive creates charming characters that each represent some aspect of human fragility. Tulip is the reflection of our neuroses, our ridiculousness, and our grandeur, as depicted in words both sublime and absurd, in the style of Nasreddin Hodja or the archetype of the wise man, where poet and fool cannot be told apart.

Official Selection : Angouleme’s Festival 2017

160 pages

Full color

12.00 x 18.30 cm


ISBN : ISBN 978-2-901000-12-9

17.00 €

Sold rights: France, China, South Korea