Un Monde en pièces (A world in pieces)

  • Ulysse Gry (France)
  • Gaspard Gry (France)

Un Monde en Pièces 1  is a political thriller that transposes our current events onto a gigantic chessboard:

between manipulation, corruption, the hunt for migrants and the rise of totalitarianism, history describes a society caught up in the spiral of a destructive part. Pion? Tower? Rider?

Crazy? Or one of those refugees from the Jeu de Dames fleeing the war that is ravaging their country? Who would you be on the chessboard?

Un Monde en pièces, volume I

Best comic book award at the Moulins 2019 festival.

Public prize of the PULP 2019 festival.

112 pages

One color

21.00 x 29.00 cm


ISBN : 978-2-917897-39-3

18.00 €