William, The Spyglass And The Tiger

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Armed with his spyglass, “just like a real explorer”, William enters the jungle, hoping to make a big discovery. But when a tiger threatens to eat him up whole to build up his strength before the hunters arrive, William is forced to think quickly and convince him that he is of more use alive than as a meal. By chance, or perhaps determination, William and the tiger discover some little stones, with a golden shimmer…

A debut story book by Charlotte Lemaire, with deep colours and lush and luxuriant backgrounds, subtly evoking the complex relationship between two individuals battling for survival. A dangerous relationship hanging on a thread that, little by little, turns into a rapport of trust and solidarity. For a few instants the outlines of a friendship form, before both continue on their way, back to their lives. Tigers and humans may not be destined to live together, but through this encounter, they experience feelings of both otherness and complicity.

Selection “100 Outstanding Books” Foire du livre de Francfort 2019

32 pages

Full color

22.00 x 29.00 cm


ISBN : 978-2-37962-002-7

14.00 €

Sold rights: Greece