• Tom Tirabosco (Switzerland)

It took Tom Tirabosco ten years to create Wonderland, undoubtedly the author’s most personal project: initiated in the magazine Bile noire, Wonderland is an openly autobiographical work that follows Tommaso, from his birth to high shcool. Through many memories and anecdotes, Tirabosco describes his surroundings, more specifically his warm and loving family. From the meeting of his parents in the style of an italian comedy, to rather stormy family tensions, through the birth of his brother Michael, physically disabled, who will become a renowned musician – the relationship between the two brothers, tumultuous and complex, gives birth to the most touching and beautiful pages ever drawn by the author. We will also discover how Tirabosco’s imagination and universe were born, through many influences from Titien to Walt Disney, as well as his interrogations on social and political subjects.

Long story short, Wonderland is a work that resembles its author: rich in questioning and commitment, undeniably generous and deeply human.

Prix BD Zoom 2016

136 pages

Two colors

21.00 x 28.00 cm

Collection ICHOR