Blouson Noir publishing

7 rue du Muguet
33000 Bordeaux, France

Blouson Noir publishing was imagined in 2012 by the rock and comics journalist Sofie von KELEN and the comics author and publisher Johann GUYOT.

Together, they decide to write and draw about Hellfest, one of the biggest european festivals. So was born the documentary comics «Welcome to HELL(fest)» which now counts 3 issues (2 sold out) and a complete augmented edition. Around it, they create permanent and limited collections of posters (prints, serigraphies and linocuts), tee-shirts, ex-libris and now a new offer of custom 100% handmade artworks of people’s own or favorite bands.

Editor : Sofie von Kelen / / +33618475100

Press : Sofie Von Kelen / / +33618475100

Bookstores: Sofie Von Kelen / / 0618475100

Foreign rights: Sofie Von Kelen / / 0618475100

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