Les Requins Marteaux

Fabrique POLA, 10 quai de Brazza 33100 Bordeaux, France

Inspired by the upheavals in Garonne, Les Requins Marteaux (“the Hammerhead Sharks”) have spent thirty years working with comic artists. We collaborate with loyal, dedicated authors, whether they are established creators or newcomers. The publishing house has worked with tumultuous, talented and often under-the-radar artists.
Our multi-faceted collective has a talent for ridiculous diversification. As sometime festival organizers and film producers, Les Requins Marteaux have lost count of the number of exhibitions devoted to their publications’ flamboyant worlds.

Editor : Elsa Bourgain / elsa@lesrequinsmarteaux.com /

Press : Camille Escoubet (The New Guy) / camille@lesrequinsmarteaux.com /

Bookstores: Camille Escoubet (The New Guy) / camille@lesrequinsmarteaux.com /

Foreign rights: Elsa Bourgain / elsa@lesrequinsmarteaux.com /