48CC – Botanike Komiks

A homeless man sleeps in front of the luminous window of a contemporary art gallery, which shows small urban cars as works of art. A homeless man (an other one, or the same, it doesn’t matter) find in the subway’s garbage a toy that brings him back to the time his father would tell him about the dream of a golden kingdom. A man is infatuated for his interior design and his holiday trip, remaining insensitive to the world or even to his own companion…

The short narratives gathered by Eric Lambé in 48CC, with the complicity of Carl Roosens, do not aim at distracting us from the painful part of reality, they rather aim at opening our minds to it. With the sharp scalpel of poetry and humor, with the cold insight and the intense sensitivity of an author, at the top of his game.

48 pages


21.80 x 30.00 cm

14.00 €

Droits vendus : France, Belgique