Francis est papa

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  • Humour

Francis, blaireau mâle de forte taille et de caractère impulsif, se promène dans la campagne. Parfois cherchant l’amour. Parfois sauvant le monde. De temps à autre, il veut mourir. Souvent, il rate sa vie ou attrape des maladies. Ses différentes tribulations sont toutes réunies dans cette série instructive, qui a vu ses adeptes se multiplier comme des hamsters.

Francis, an impulsive male badger, walks around in the country. Sometimes looking for love. Sometimes saving the world. Every now and then, it wants to die. It often wastes its life and falls sick. Its many trials and tribulations are all in this instructive serie, which seen its followers multiply like hamsters. Claire & Jake have created here a genuine caricature of human nature, Francis humour and cynicism are totally addictive.

Claire Bouilhac was born in 1970, Jake Raynal in 1968. They met at the Estienne art school, in Paris. From 1990, they have worked together on the character of Francis Blaireau Farceur (Jack writes the scripts, Claire draws). Francis is the eponymous character of seven volumes published by Cornélius : Francis Blaireau Farceur in 1994, Francis veut mourir in 1996, Francis cherche l’amour in 1998, Francis sauve le monde in 2005, Francis rate sa vie in 2009, Francis est malade in 2013 and the last one, Francis est papa in 2017.

48 pages


20.00 x 15.00 cm

Broché avec rabats

ISBN : 978 2 36081 134 2

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