Le sens de la vie et ses frères

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Le 25 juin 2005, lassé d’attendre que son pantalon se défroisse, Éric Veillé décide de partir à la recherche du sens de la vie. Équipé d’un carnet à dessin et d’une paire de lunettes, il mène sa quête entre Pornic et Le Pouliguen. Se faufilant entre boulimiques en anorak et Nadine habituelles, il recueille chuchotis, grommelots et ronchonnages dans de petits sachets.

On June, 25th 2005, Eric Veillé was tired of waiting for his trousers to smooth out, so he made up his mind to go and look for the meaning of life. With a notebook and a pair of glasses, he began his investigation in the streets, at work, on holidays… 

He noticed that hundreds of people wear their hair scruffy while others whistle at work when their boss is away or that hundreds of people work their asses off carrying boxes while other are… in the bathroom. Anchored in reality, Le sens de la vie leaves a sweet and sour taste and a subtle melancholy. 

Éric Veillé was born in a room with a view on Jesus. This timid child enjoyed hiding behind the fridge as soon as he was left unwatched. Once, his parents forgot him on a banch for at least fifteen minutes and he got terrified by the pigeons stealing his french fries. He has now become a modern young man who illustrates albums for children and collects people on their way out of the restaurant.

160 pages


11.50 x 16.50 cm

ISBN : 978 2 915492 52 1

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