Welcome to the death club

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  • Humour

Guidé au milieu des attractions par la grande faucheuse en personne, vous ricanerez en choeur des tableaux qu’elle fera apparaître devant vous, compilant les vanités et les rêves médiocres d’une humanité en sursis, obèse et pourrissante… Mais ce sera votre propre visage décomposé et grouillant de vers que vous croiserez au détour d’un couloir dans la galerie des glaces !

Winshluss’s back on the track with his macabre sense of humour ! Those short stories could almost seem naive… if you don’t look at them too closely. If you get a better look, Winshluss shall be happy to show you the ugliness of the world and especially of its inhabitants. Winshluss plays with myths, twists them and breaks their neck. No happy end can be expected, the bad guys always make the best out of the situation, it is the good guys who take the rap. Death is omnipresent, it just keeps counting the corpses like others count sheep. The narration is precise and efficient. The characters are depraved, cynical and they go through life knowing that death can be waiting for them at any dark corner…

In 2017, one of the stories of this book is adapted in a to a short animation movie. Entitled « The Death, Dad & Son »,

This short film won many prices, including the Junior Jury Award at the Annecy festival (production : Je Suis Bien Content).

104 pages


22.00 x 29.00 cm

ISBN : 978 2 915492 87 3

21.50 €

Droits vendus : Argentine