Alice au pays du sexe

  • Anne Baraou (France)
  • Adrienne Barman (Switzerland)

Alice is a calm, openminded young Swiss woman, newly-arrived in the Pigalle district of Paris. As if by chance, her new friends talk to her about…   their sexuality.
She keeps in touch with her sister, who is married and peaceful in her cottage. Both of them are questioning the growing omnipresence of sex today.

If it is something to be consumed, does that make “sex everywhere” just a fad? Or an illusion?
The authors approach the subject in a humorous, candid but not self-righteous way, questioning sex as precisely as possible while mocking the sexual “folklore” of our time.

88 pages

Black and white

16.50 x 24.00 cm


ISBN : 9782847740202

14.80 €