• Lilian Coquillaud (France)
  • Marine Levéel (France)
  • Categories
  • Fiction
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  • Politics

As Camille leads a new life, far from her homeland and her roots, he receives a childhood friend that brings back a past she had long since chased away. Hassan is now a journalist seeking to infiltrate the “Grande Battue”, an exclusive local hunt conducted once a year by the Blanchists- a small group of neo-pagans with close ties to the political far-right. His goal is to bring to light this movement and its ideology in order to dissolve it, and he is convinced this annual hunt hides the plots and schemes of the Blanchists. Camille, the repentant daughter of a tutelary Blanchist, could help him in this mission. But Camille, cold and focused on her own story, wants nothing to do with her haunted past.

120 pages

Full color

24.00 x 32.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-158-9

24.00 €