6 Pieds sous terre

2 rue du Bayle
34000 Montpellier

6 Pieds sous terre is an independent, alternative publishing house that has been publishing comic books for approximately 30 years. It showcases a selection of authors who are focused on real life and the contemporary world. It is an important organisation within the industry and, alongside other international publishers, contributed to the comic book renaissance in the 2000s. 6 pieds sous terre offers readers alternative works with universal appeal, thanks to its unique, innovative stories and art.

Editor : Jean-Philippe Garçon / 66pieds@gmail.com /

Press : Zelda Hadener / zelda6pieds@gmail.com /

Bookstores: Marie Dewynter / marie6pieds@gmail.com /

Foreign rights: Miquel Clemente / miquel6pieds@gmail.com /

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