The Ring of the Nibelung (Der Ring des Nibelungen) by Wagner is a world in itself. 15 hours of theatre and music that transport us from the creation of the world to the fall of gods and the advent of the human society. Convening a cursed ring, a dragon, impossible love stories and heroes with tragical fates, Wagner gave nordic and german mythologies a new life, as well as he prefigured the worlds of fantasy.

But suppose a drawer who doesn’t really believe in prophets, nor in heroes, a drawer who desires to underline these stories’ primitive, grotesque and irreverent origins. As a carbon copy that has moved, some scenes are added, some characters are removed, figures are emphasized, some details are erased, others get more vivid. An amputated semi-goddess, abandoned and fooled, decides to upset the plans of men and gods.

Brynhildr is the story of this woman, narrated by Frédéric Coché in 72 etchings.

112 pages

Two colors

29.00 x 23.00 cm

ISBN : 9782390220244

28.00 €

Sold rights: France, Belgium