Le Frémok

51 rue de l’Instruction 1070 Brussels, Belgium

Le Frémok is a non-profit publisher that runs on the energy of its volunteers. It’s a UFO in the field of graphic literature, a platform for launching radical experiments, flouting genre-divisions, blurring the boundaries between poetry and politics, as well as fostering new perspectives on the world, visual narratives and outsider art. It brings together philosophical thinking, children’s literature and comics, contemporary art and daring serials. Our collaborative ethos shapes our lives and our beautiful books; that’s why even when books cease to exist, Le Frémok will still be around!

Editor : Thierry Vanhasselt / thierry@fremok.org /

Press : Lilian Philippe / lilian.philippe1@orange.fr /

Bookstores: Lilian Philippe / lilian.philippe1@orange.fr /

Foreign rights: Lilian Philippe / lilian.philippe1@orange.fr /

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