• Balthasar Bosshard (Wonky) (Switzerland)
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That could have been a tale for children, in a world where kids would have had the lecherous mind
of a Teddy bear on acid.
Horny candies, sugared lips, eccentric characters and dismantled architectures [like the hybrid meeting of Escher and the Bahaus] are waiting for you at Teddy’s fairground.
Gripped by the claw machine, you won’t have any other choice than going on this psychedelic, cosmic roadtrip, of which distortions are defined by the lines of a graphic design full of sharpened details.
An epilecptic jewel, a graphic novel that is to the picture book what the stroboscope is to the disco-ball.

24 pages

Screen printing

21.00 x 30.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

Book 24 pages + cover with flaps 21x30cm,
handmade sewed binding,
entirely silkscreenprinted (3 colours) on Pop’Set ivory 170gr (inner pages)
200 numbered copies – 50 headcopies with a metallic rainbow-foil cover (4 colours and 1 varnish overlay)
+ 150 normal copies with an ivory Fedrigoni Freelife Velum 260gr (3 colours),
EpOx et BoTOx edition, Metemphase workshop, March 2021.

ISBN : 978-2-9571836-3-0

36.00 €