Depuis la nuit des temps

  • Mehdi Melkhi (France)
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  • Politics

Put in pictures, one of the oldest refrains in the world… It starts like this: “Since the dawn of time, then, humanity has been composed of anonymous people in search of the same booty… each one wishing to hunt the prey of his neighbor. Since the dawn of time, also, every hunter is struck by an intractable amnesia… not knowing quickly which prey to choose. So when, from time to time, one of them changes his mind, the whole world is shaken…
Under the guise of a tale intended for toddlers as well as older children, Mehdi Melkhi, with his fine pencils and his precise words, questions the legitimacy of the norms that shape our society. Norms that are imposed on us, whose absurdity only brings sadness and unhappiness, even violence. Norms that govern us and that condition even the deviations we can make from them. Norms that he invites us to shatter thanks to a facetiously protesting and poetically subversive story.

60 pages

Full color

20.00 x 26.00 cm


ISBN : 9782878272376

17.00 €