• Tobias Schalken (Netherlands)

Eldorado proposes a beam of narratives turning around several themes, their coherence getting clearer as readers get familiar to the strangeness that inhabits them. Tobias Schalken progressively encompasses an evolving subject, as he multiplies techniques and viewing angles : paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, silent or speaking narratives, short forays into humor or longer trips about the intimate life of the characters. From this multiplicity of forms comes out unity, with the symbols he patiently develops, with the reflections that are opened in a story and ended in an other.

Readers are invited to visit a post-apocalyptical future and its heavenly highlights, to run away with a teenage girls that monoton anguishes, to wander around with the last man on earth, to visit a museum where elements get furious, an abandoned city or a landscape that is released from human presence…



Sélection officielle du FIBD Angoulême

232 pages

Full color

23.00 x 30.00 cm

ISBN : 9782390220183

34.00 €

Sold rights: France, Belgium, Netherlands